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I've been working on a project that involves displaying and querying road maps, and needed to be able to work out quickly what to draw and what the mouse was over. I didn't find much that helped by googling "lua rtree", so I ended up writing something that turned out to be fairly primitive a kd-tree. I still haven't found much googling "lua kdtree", so I've stuck it where you can find it.

It's read-only - you tell it the bounding boxes of all your objects once and it chugs a while building the tree, and then you can ask it which objects lie in a box. I'm sure it could be improved both in code and the algorithm it uses. (for example the query returns a coroutine iterator, which uses about 4k for every query. Perhaps a callback interface would be better?)

If anyone's interested it's at .

By the way is there a good place to put snippets of code like this? It seems a little insignificant for Luaforge or the like. Paste it into the wiki?