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From: Matt Kime

Sent: 09/09/09 11:09 pm


Subject: trying to make sense of debugging lua on chdk


i'm having a fair amount of trouble getting started debugging lua on
chdk. (the canon hack development kit)

chdk prints error codes and messages when errors are found. however,
i've managed to find another class of errors which, after running a
loop of code a random number of times (approx 100-1000 times) return
an apparently random number and no error text. i'd like to examine the
lua stack to see which function was executing. i'm certain that other
info may be useful for debugging which i'm not even sure to ask for.

i have done a fair amount of searching the relevant debug tools but
i've found few examples and they leave me with more questions than
they answer.

can someone point me toward the "hello world" of lua debugging?

thanks for any advice.



Thanks for mentioning this.  I have a listed Canon camera and this looks quite interesting.

From the chdk wiki "vxworks reports errno, but no text description"  Perhaps you're experiencing a vxworks error.  You may be reduced to print('functionname') for tracing through the functions.