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2009/9/7 KHMan <>:
> Reuben Thomas wrote:
>> 2009/9/7 KHMan:
>>> [snip]
>> Being "reliable" has nothing to do with number of contributors, nor
>> whether a program is distributed as source or binary.
> :-) Arf, I was typing quickly and chose a less than perfect adjective. It is
> more of a sustainability of a FLOSS project thingy.

That's how I understood what you wrote.

>> Amongst programmers there is no such thing as a "pure end user".
> :-) Woof, another less than perfect choice of phrasing. I mean it like the
> way I use Perl -- I just script in Perl and have never seriously written
> modules for a general audience.

That one is scripting for one's own use tends to give one much more
freedom about what libraries and languages to use, not less.

Every act of belief is an act of unbelief (Carse)