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Mikhail Gusarov wrote:
Twas brillig at 02:05:26 08.09.2009 UTC+08 when did gyre and gimble:

 K> Time and effort are very limited resources. Developer resources are
 K> very limited resources. There is always too little to go around in
 K> FLOSS projects.

In addition it's always beneficial to make efforts concentrated: makers
of Linux distributions can package a lot of Lua modules much more
efficiently than authors of modules, and the same applies to
Lua-on-Windows, already mentioned in this thread.

Yeah, I think pure end users should go for a reliable platform, one where effort is put in by a group of people. If a pure end user go for single-author modules, that can be risky. The Lua ecosystem is still small compared to Perl or Python, given limited resources, a Lua platform will take a longer time to form and mature.

Large FLOSS projects tend to be more self-sustaining and are able to attract more developers. Small or obscure FLOSS projects need very strong-willed developers to sustain the project over multiple years -- which can be a rare thing.

I think pure end users who want something that they can rely on for multiple years, who want a certain level of peace-of-mind that the kaboodle will usually always work, should strongly support the Lua platform initiatives.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia