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On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 8:37 AM, Rob Kendrick wrote:
> I think I'd be happier if what LuaRocks was was a system for converting
> a description of a Lua module into a package; so RPM, DEB, tar.gz,
> Windows MSI, etc.

The LuaDist [1-2] project is creating CMake build files
(CMakeLists.txt) + rockspec-like files ( for many modules
(>100 so far).  The CMakeLists.txt files can used in LuaDist,
LuaRocks, or standalone in CMake.  Now, CMake has a "cpack" [3-4]
utility that can transform those into packages (RPM, DEB, tar.gz,
etc., though not currently MSI).  Just add this to a CMakeLists.txt
file before building:

  ..... and add any other CPACK variables derived from the
   .... It may be better if luadist passed them as variables to cmake

As an initial test, I generated luabitop .deb, .tar.gz, and .rpm
packages now just by running cpack directly in the LuaDist
"tmp/" folder (with cleanup=false in
config.lua).  In practice, this would need much more study, such as
[5-6] concerns.