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On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 2:09 PM, Cosmin
Apreutesei<> wrote:
> I wish module authors would stop using make altogether and
> build/install only through LuaRocks. Let the build toolchain be
> controlled by the package manager, not some makefile that I eternally
> have to tweak between platforms.

I totally agree, but it remains the quickest way to get a rock going.
A pity, because it's a very capable little build engine that could
probably cope with this case. (Obviously not for more complicated
scenarios, e.g Alien has to build libffi).

Yet authors still want to deliver their packages in a standard way,
which is a makefile, naturally enough.  Then as an afterthought a
rockspec is written which takes the easy way.  LR is picky about this,
too; as you will find when you try to bring in such packages on
Windows, and get the ' not found' error.

This is why I'm starting to work on Rockspeculator, which is an
interactive script which generates rockspecs. Should take a lot of the
hard work out of packaging for LuaRocks.

steve d.