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Am Montag 13 Juli 2009 11:57:48 schrieb Miles Bader:
> As a community, what do we do now though?  Nixio undoubtedly improves on
> the aforementioned libraries in various ways, but it does muddy the
> waters a bit, and do-it-all blunder-buss libraries don't seem like a
> very good way forward in general.

I think that mainly depends on the way you see and use Lua. If you see it as a 
scripting language for bigger applications then you obviously don't need a 
standard library with system functions. But if you see Lua as a kind of 
lighter alternative to Python you really begin to miss one important thing 
that has made Java, Python etc. popular - a good standard library.

I support your statement about do-it-all-libraries when they cover different 
high-level functions that aren't related to each other but we are talking 
about a basic featureset here, which is simply I/O and bindings to lower-level 
c-library functions. The only thing I could see as higher-level story are the 
cryptographical parts but thats also nothing that you wouldn't find in the 
standard-library of YOUR_HIGHER_LEVEL_LANGUAGE.

> As a community, what do we do now though?
A cooperative competition is something nice to have. We will just see what 
happens - in particular - if anyone wants to use nixio in their projects or 
not. nixio is just what I wanted to give back to the Lua community after over 
one year of using the communities' resources - namely third-party modules.
Nobody should be afraid or upset about a bit of diversity in the Lua module 
community ;-)

Have a nice day