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Steven Barth <> writes:
>> Any reason for the duplicating the functionality of luafilesystem,
>> luasocket, etc ( which AFAICT seem well regarded)?
> I understand your points and I really don't want to insult any developer of 
> the mentioned Lua libraries.
> Even before writing nixio I by myself relied mainly on the libraries
> you mentioned. They worked fine in most cases and really met my
> demands for over a year.

Well certainly it's understandable that you may have had problems with
them, needed to cram your desired function set into as small a space as
possible, and wanted to get something out the door quickly, etc.  We've
all been there.

As a community, what do we do now though?  Nixio undoubtedly improves on
the aforementioned libraries in various ways, but it does muddy the
waters a bit, and do-it-all blunder-buss libraries don't seem like a
very good way forward in general.


Once, adj. Enough.