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On Sat, Jul 4, 2009 at 9:53 PM, David Manura<> wrote:
> That approach is to compile C into a shared library that is called
> from Lua, which is fairly typical except that additional conveniences
> allow the C to be written inline and without binding boilerplate.  A
> related idea is shown in [1].

That's cool, especially using LuaRocks as the cross-platform build engine.

However, you still have to use the Lua API in such inlined code, just
as in luatcc.

A piece of the puzzle can be provided by tolua++, which relies on
cleaned headers.  Now if the cleaned headers could be extracted from
the inline code, then things would work more directly, and the
marshalling of basic Lua and C types is handled by tolua++.  Another
piece would be implementing a simple dependency check, so that the
inlined code is only actually compiled if it changes.

steve d.