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Hi Lua community,

Last year I made videos of some of the Lua Workshop 2008 presentation. I learned a lot about Lua making these videos and was even able to use Lua for my Masters thesis which I successfully defended last month. I posted these videos to Vimeo and my university server.

At Vimeo it is possible to download these videos in the form which I uploaded them by simply making an account with an email address and clicking a link on the bottom of the page for each video. I still had to compress them a bit because they are all quite long and there is an upload data limit. Vimeo compressed them again in order to stream them.

Vimeo is now changing its policy for the basic free accounts that they will delete the original uploads and only keep their compressed streaming version available for download. This will take effect August 1 and I thought I would let the Lua community know in case people are interested in downloading them before then. I think there may be a limit on the number of downloads per video file per day, so if you encounter some limit simply wait 24 hours if this is the case. You can find the videos on Vimeo here:

and at the university server here:

Please note that both sites operate with flash player.


Jeremy Schaller