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"A.S. Bradbury" <> wrote:
> 2009/7/3 Thomas Lauer <>:
> > "A.S. Bradbury" <> wrote:
> >> 2009/7/2 Thomas Lauer <>:
> >> > The Lua short reference provides a concise summary of the Lua syntax and
> >> > core libraries. I have just updated and uploaded another draft of the
> >> > 5.1 version. This can be downloaded from either the wiki:
> >>
> >> Might you consider releasing whatever source files you use to create
> >> this quick reference? That way people can customise it to their needs.
> >
> > Absolutely. I have already sent the source files to a few people with
> > special requirements.
> >
> > A problem with general release might be the fact that the source is a
> > set of MS Word .doc files with some hairy formatting. I have always
> > wanted to "port" this to OpenOffice, but I've never found the time to do
> > so. Any volunteers?
> I would suggest just putting the source files you have online despite
> the fact MS Word isn't an ideal format - that way anybody with a
> remote interest in seeing how difficult it would be to 'port' it to
> something else can try to do so with minimum fuss.

In principle that's a sound idea and in an ideal world it would work as
you envisage.

I am afraid in practice it's not always so easy. As I am the one who's
actually releasing the files (even if I'd do so with an explicit as-is
disclaimer), people with problems (there are always people with
problems) will naturally turn to me with more or less polite requests
for help. Trying to be not too undiplomatic, let's just say Been There,
Done That. I'd probably ignore most such requests but it's still a less
than ideal situation.

Anyway. Enrico: would you -- as the original author of the short
reference -- mind making the MS WORD .doc files generally available?

cheers  thomasl