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I wrote to Microchip about the lack of hardware serial support on the low
pin count PIC's a few years ago - not sure what app these chips are aimed
at, but intelligent sensors would be the obvious, if there was only serial
support. But bit-banging RS232 should be a doddle for a man of your

However on my reading of the product card, the program memory for these
chips tops out at only 750 Bytes! If you have to use external flash as well
as RAM your cost and power consumption will end up as bad as a higher-end
chip, and the pins will be eaten up by internal connections. Also a faster
chip that needs to be out of standby for less time can often be more power
efficient as many of the 32bit chips have very low standby consumption.

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Of course it doesn't. I don't want to sully my art with filthy lucre!

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