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I had a bet someone would pick me up on the non-open source BASIC Stamp! I
meant to suggest mix-and-match the bits Arduino and Stamp do right.

I am a fan of the 8-Bit PICs too having done projects using them, but always
in assembler rather than C. I do not think they've made the 32-Bit
transition well, either commercially or technically. Not sure Lua would be
good for DSP anyway - GC would put the timing out. Though I suppose you
could use Lua to configure a system of general-purpose algorithms coded in
C. The AVR32 certainly has PWM and I would have thought quadrature and CAN
could be managed using the flexible counters and UARTs possibly with some
external components.

As for the hardware design, my approach is to start with the relevant
portions of the manufacturer's demo/development/evaluation boards circuits
for which are usually published.

If anyone with a project is looking for help, I have experience with circuit
and PCB design as well as C and Lua.

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From: Tony Bauer Sent: 10 February 2009 19:17

BTW, the BASIC Stamp isn't open source software or hardware, and
probably never will be, so its "lessons learned" aren't the same as
the Arduino.

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