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Bogdan Marinescu wrote:

The LPC2468/LPC2478 chips are the best I could find in today's market in terms of price/performance&peripherals ratio (and no, this is not advertising, just my own thoughts). It comes at a price though: they're very large (LQFP208 or BGA) thus it's quite hard to prototype with them, or even design a PCB. Also, the STR912 chips from ST are quite interesting (ARM9@96MHz with 512k/96k internal memory, external interface and a lot of peripherals).
    STM32 has at least one quirk: you can't use the USB and CAN ports at
    the same time, which doesn't work for me.

And they also don't have Ethernet :( I'd really, really like to have a chip that is either a LM3S (Luminary) with external memory interface, or a STM32 (ST) with Ethernet :) There are rumors that Luminary is preparing some chips with external memory interface, so the future might look bright after all :)

Me too! The 64K RAM limit is pretty tight for a standard
chained allocator, 96K would be a bit better.