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----- Original Message ----- From: "Abhinav Lele"

My runtimes on :
"for i = 1,1024*1024*64 do local z = {} end"   1m5s with lua 5.1.2
compiled with Gnutool chain, using the default makefile on Windows
2003SP2 2.16Ghz Core2 box.
Interesting, seems to be three times faster then vs is on my box (amd phenom), but still ~ 6 times slower then fastmm. Thanks.

local z, max = {}, 1024*1024*32
 for i = 1,max do z[i] = i % 16 end
 for i = 1,max do z[i] = { z[i] } end
 for i = 1,max do
   if (z[i][1]) ~= i % 16 then error("mallocator is broken") end

doesn't run gives error: unexpected symbol near %  .. did u mean some
other operator.
Um, that should run fine on Lua 5.1. % is just the modulo symbol? Anyway the operation is irrelevant, put anything you like in there. It was just left over from some debugging. :)

Is there any specific performance that you are looking ?
Nope, the allocator was out of need, the fact that it performs 20 times faster then the default vs on my system was concerning is all. I still think there's something funny going on, thanks again for your help.

- Alex