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My runtimes on :
"for i = 1,1024*1024*64 do local z = {} end"   1m5s with lua 5.1.2
compiled with Gnutool chain, using the default makefile on Windows
2003SP2 2.16Ghz Core2 box.

local z, max = {}, 1024*1024*32
  for i = 1,max do z[i] = i % 16 end
  for i = 1,max do z[i] = { z[i] } end
  for i = 1,max do
    if (z[i][1]) ~= i % 16 then error("mallocator is broken") end

doesn't run gives error: unexpected symbol near %  .. did u mean some
other operator.

What processor specifications did u run on ?
Is there any specific performance that you are looking ?

On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 2:16 PM, Alex Davies <> wrote:
> From: "Abhinav Lele"
> > are these benchmarks similar for GNU toolchain ?
> >
>  I'm lost as to why my VS seems to be so slow. Not having a gnu setup, I
> tried downloading the lua standalones which I'm pretty sure are compiled
> with VS. They are about half the speed, compared to 1/20th, which is more
> like I would expect. So I imagine gcc would be similar. Still a nice
> performance increase, but nothing to write home about. (For the record, I
> needed the allocator anyway as the system I'm compiling for does not feature
> a realloc ;)
>  Don't suppose anyone with VS knows what I've missed? Stepping through the
> code it does not appear to be performing memsets or anything, and seems to
> be passing the malloc calls straight through to the operating system which
> would explain the fragmentation and speed issues.
>  -sigh-
>  - Alex