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Grellier, Thierry wrote:
or plan to spread Lua usage?

Microsoft hired a number of staff from rapid-application development specialist Borland Software. Among these was former Turbo Pascal and Delphi leader Anders Hejlsberg who went on to birth C# - one of Microsoft's fastest growing languages.

Very rapidly followed by howls of protest (much of which came from the MVPs) from the VC++ community about the incredibly poor UI in Visual Studio 7.0. They quickly released 7.1 to address some of the shortcomings and not until 8.0 did Visual Studio get back to where it had been with Visual Studio 6.0 (for C++ developers at least and its still minus its MFC tools). For a lot of people the hiring of the Delphi design team was a backward step for Visual Studio.

I think these puff pieces in the press really put a lot of emphasis on not too much substance. I really doubt that Adobe is hurting over losing this gentleman, no matter how talented he is.

Who can say how they plan to script any of this stuff? MS have so many different technologies available to them, in house and externally, for scripting, I'd guess it'd be a marketing/politics call as to what they end up going with.