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His house burned down, he built a new prettier one, and jealous neighbours started picking on him as he drove to work, leading (obviously) to the purchase of a new car, which has lots of custom parts which can only be found at a tiny store right next to the microsoft offices.. So it was probably just the easiest choice..

Or, someone up at ISS dropped a space-glove which landed in his parents summer-cabin, nessled in the cleavage of Alaska, which is co-owned by a long time friend of the family, who just -happens- to have a history of working as an extra on X-files, so it just makes even MORE sense then!

I'm sure he can say why himself, but I'm guessing an increase in pay, relocation & fresh work tasks are more likely than some hidden agenda for/against lua/C# or which company it is..

rumours rock!

Grellier, Thierry wrote:

Switching from Lua to C# ?

or plan to spread Lua usage?