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Have you tried my ( ?


gary ng wrote:
Thanks. I have considered that too. However, because
of the VC runtime nightmare, I was thinking of having
the problem solve once and for all and opt for the
.NET integration.

For those who is interested, after dropping back to an
older version of LuaInterface, I achieved half of what
I want, from CLR -> Lua(full access of C modules) ->
Though not pure Lua -> CLR.

I find this a pretty nice solution on Windows. I can
write Windows application in C#/VB.NET/IronPython and
use Lua for the guts. Sure I can use IronPython too
but IronPython cannot use C modules of CPython.

I am waiting for the new LuaCLR which sounds very
interesting too.

--- Ross Berteig <> wrote:
As a shameless plug, and a reminder to myself to
push the
project along, you might want to see of Lua Windows
( does what

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