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Sometime on 4/26/2008, gary ng wrote:
But what I really want to do is to write say a windows
service(which .NET now support) with the guts in lua
and this includes using the luasocket and other C

As a shameless plug, and a reminder to myself to push the
project along, you might want to see of Lua Windows Service
( does what you
need. It provides a proper Windows service implemented in
C that hosts a Lua interpreter via lua5.1.dll. It can use
require to load modules, including modules from DLLs, and
should be happy to load LuaSocket in particular.

I claim it to be an alpha release, but don't actually know
of any significant bugs. One known issue is that it was
last built against Lua 5.1.2 with MingW GCC, and so is
linked against MVCRT.DLL rather than one of runtimes more
usually associated with current Visual C versions.

Ross Berteig                     
Cheshire Engineering Corp.