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I am looking for help or information using
LuaInterface(the .NET integration thing).

I have downloaded and run the test which works, using
the bundled lua51.dll.

But what I really want to do is to write say a windows
service(which .NET now support) with the guts in lua
and this includes using the luasocket and other C

Also, the other way round is to write lua scripts that
can make use of the .NET GUI components(as described
in luainterface).

Either case, I still need access to C modules that is
why it would be best if I can use existing lua
installation. Or must I recompile everything for this
specific lua51.dll(but there is no lua51.lib) ?

another usage issue is I failed to find luanet.dll
mentioned in the doc. require'luanet' failed.

just hope someone with prior experiences with
luainterface and give me some helping hand.

thanks in advance.

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