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Hi Lua folks.

Basically because I wanted to use luadoc I packaged the dependencies
(and more) for Fedora and filed review requests for the packages. If you
are using Fedora and are interested in testing/using the packages please
do so (use rpmbuild --rebuild pkg.src.rpm to build it)! You can find all
packages at

The packaged libs/tools are:
LuaFileSystem - lua-filesystem - File System Library for Lua

LuaPosix - lua-posix - A POSIX library for Lua

LuaSocket - lua-socket - Network support for the Lua language

LuaSQL - lua-sql - Database connectivity for Lua

LuaLogging - lua-logging - A simple API to use logging features in Lua

LuaDoc - luadoc - Documentation Generator Tool for Lua

Comments welcome.

Tim Niemueller                      KBSG - Knowledge-Based Systems Group
AllemaniACs RoboCup Team                          RWTH Aachen University                            Ahornstrasse 55                            D-52056 Aachen