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Brian Wallen wrote:
I'm trying to get my PSP to connect to my telnet server and send a
command. The telnet server has no username/password, and it works from
the console on my computer. The commands it sends control my mythtv
software (open source DVR software). I can get my PSP to connect to
the server, but it won't send the command. The PSP reports that 13
bytes are sent, but what is supposed to happen doesn't really happen
(I should see a change on my screen). Any thoughts? Feel free to test
it if you have a MythTV box. Just change my IP address to yours.

-- send request
graphicsPrintln("jumping to main menu...")
bytesSent = socket:send("jump mainmenu")

Don't have one, but it seems that the protocol in your MythTV is line based.
Try to send also a CR\LF at the end.

bytesSend = socket:send("jump mainmenu\r\n")

Ignacio Burgueño