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On 2/28/08, steve donovan <> wrote:
> I'm currently busy on the next iteration of scite-debug, trying to
>  crack the Interesting Problem of seamless stepping between Lua and C.
>  Rather than modifying GDB (which feels like serious work) I'm working
>  from the other end, taking clidebug and making it _pretend_ to be GDB.
>   A few lines of C in an extension is required, to actually find the
>  real physical address of the C function we are about to step into; one
>  can then tell GDB to make a tbreak at that address.
>  It is a little tricky, running clidebug on Lua within a gdb session;
>  you have to track the current mode so you know what debugger is
>  currently listening. But very doable.
>  The advantage of the debugger presenting a single interface is that
>  you don't have to use scite-debug to run it; anything that understands
>  gdb will work (like DDD) (The big question here is _how good_ an
>  imitation of gdb that clidebug must offer to satisfy other tools)
>  Expect some results next week...
>  steve d.

this is very encouraging development!! Being able to debug Lua and
C/C++ extensions from the same debugger shell with breakpoint in both
places IMHO will be a killer application boosting Lua standing among
scripting languages.
BTW, can python, ruby, scheme or tcl do that?