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I'm currently busy on the next iteration of scite-debug, trying to
crack the Interesting Problem of seamless stepping between Lua and C.
Rather than modifying GDB (which feels like serious work) I'm working
from the other end, taking clidebug and making it _pretend_ to be GDB.
 A few lines of C in an extension is required, to actually find the
real physical address of the C function we are about to step into; one
can then tell GDB to make a tbreak at that address.

It is a little tricky, running clidebug on Lua within a gdb session;
you have to track the current mode so you know what debugger is
currently listening. But very doable.

The advantage of the debugger presenting a single interface is that
you don't have to use scite-debug to run it; anything that understands
gdb will work (like DDD) (The big question here is _how good_ an
imitation of gdb that clidebug must offer to satisfy other tools)

Expect some results next week...

steve d.

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 10:20 PM, Duck <> wrote:
>  >> I think Lua Debugger deserves some more attention.
> > That would be awesome; especially if it is integrated in GDB/DDD.
>  Work on debugging tools would be excellent, especially visual debugging.
>  Steve Donovan's SciTE-based debugging system might be a good place to
>  start.
>  A framework which would allow visual debugging plugins easily to be
>  written for a range of editors/IDEs (e.g. Eclipse, SciTE, vim) would be
>  handy.