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Jerome Vuarand wrote:
> I really like Lua's file template mechanism ("foo/bar/?.xxx"). But it
> is only useful in searching for Lua or native modules. My system can
> also load XML files and I'd like to be able to "require" those files
> as well. There is a nice custom loader mechanism, but no access to
> the template parser. it wouldn't be hard to duplicate, but it would
> be nicer to be able to use the one that already exists.     
> Has there been any thought to exposing the parser (specifically the
> findfile() method. Or is there some hidden way to use this that I am
> not seeing? Seems like it could be easily exposed directly:  
>    filename = package.findfile("myfile", "xmlpath")
> where xmlpath is a template in package, just like 'path' and 'cpath'.
> I can certainly add this to my local copy of Lua, but it would be
> really nice if this were a standard feature. 

Some time ago I put some searcher (that's the name of the things in
package.loaders, counter-intuitively) examples on the wiki:

First one just reimplements the default Lua module loader in Lua. The
second one adds some functionnality over that (here it checks the module
hash with LuaCrypto).