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Luo Hei wrote:
Well, thats the question. I would like to pass strings to lua scripts
via swig generated wrappers. Can i use std::string or should I fall back
to C style strings?

If you use the following line, you get some support for std::string.
%include "std_string.i"

The file std_string.i is included in the Lua bindng files of swig (at least with version 1.3.33). Here is a little documentation from the top of std_string.i.

Only std::string and const std::string& are typemaped
they are converted to the Lua strings automatically

std::string& and std::string* are not
they must be explicitly managed (see below)


std::string test_value(std::string x) {
   return x;

can be used as

s="hello world"