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Luo Hei <> writes:
> Well, thats the question. I would like to pass strings to lua scripts
> via swig generated wrappers. Can i use std::string or should I fall back
> to C style strings?

Last time I checked, swig was more functional with "char *" (it
automatically converts to/from lua strings).  It's easy to handle
std::string _arguments_ (i.e., passing strings from Lua to C++
methods), simply by lying to swig about the types used in the
interface.  [Just keep the std::string decl in your real interface,
but make corresponding the swig declaration use "const char *"; swig
will _think_ the interface uses const char*, and so will pass it
that type, and then C++ will happily do an implicit conversion from
const char* to std::string]

However I'm not sure how you can do it in for std::string return
values (other than using %extend and %rename to manually add
conversion wrappers for those methods that return std::string).


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