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Le 23 févr. 08 à 03:04, Petite Abeille a écrit :

On Feb 23, 2008, at 1:40 AM, Yuri Takhteyev wrote:

I think the best long term solution
would be to make Lua binding to some robust search system like Xapian,
but this is a task I have not yet found time for.

Haven't used Xapian, but it looks very promising.

Alternatively, anyone knows what's the status of CLucene?

I don't know about clucene.

I have used Hyperestraier and Mnogosearch in the past.

Hyperestraier is nice because it has similarity algorythms and can work in P2P mode using HTTP for example. Hyperestraier hasn't been updated for a while and its developer seems too busy with other things.

Mnogosearch is also good because it has a lot of features and works with a lot of databases, my only problem was with real time indexing. It wouldn't be too difficult to write a Mnogosearch extension.

Both are GPL IIRC.

I will try Xapian for another project quite soon.

For your wikis, the best would probably be to write a lua implementation of Lucene though.
This would benefit other lua projects as well :)

There already are other languages implementations:
Perl :
Ruby :

Bertrand Mansion
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