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It seems to be a wiki demo season, so here is mine.  The demo comes in
two flavors:

* with Jérôme Vaurand's "LuaUsers" skin:
* with the "normal" Sputnik skin:

To avoid getting those pages indexed by google, there is a .htaccess
login, so login as "lua" with password "wiki".

It's actually the same demo, just launched with different parameters.
(One cgi file has one line commented out.)  Both versions use the
original LuaUsers markup format, with no conversion. This is possible
thanks to Hisham's medialike library which supports another flavor of
UseMod.  All that was needed to be done was to write a 80 line
adapter[1] that fixes a few things before sending the text to
medialike.  (Note that choice of adapter is specified in the
configuration file.)  As PA pointed out, it is of course also possible
to convert all the data to Markdown and use it with Sputnik out of the
box.  History has been imported too (up to 3 revisions per node).

This demo is not intended as an argument for switching LuaUsers wiki
to Sputnik.  I would of course be delighted if this were to happen and
would be willing to provide any support that would be necessary.  And
I really appreciate the expressions of support that I got in the last
few weeks.  But I also see wisdom in John's position.  Frankly, if I
were him and had been asked to choose between two wikis of which
neither has been around for even a year, each running at most a dozen
web sites and each supported by at most a fledgling community, I would
be hesitant myself.  Again, as I said before, moving to a wiki written
in Lua would definitely help Lua's position as a web programming
language, but I also understand that this is just one of Lua's many
applications and LuaUsers wiki's purpose in life is hardly to be a
demo.  Perhaps it would make sense to just put this question off for a
few months.

For more details on the demo and a place to leave comments go to

If you have any questions or comments, please write to the Sputnik
list ( or to
me personally.

 - yuri