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"Yuri Takhteyev" <> writes:
> Most advantages revolve around the fact that Google does a pretty good
> job searching and it would take serious work to implement the same
> features locally:

Now there's an understatement....  Google is so insanely superior to
any "local" search system I've ever used that I don't even bother with
them anymore, it's a lot more useful to just to type the equivalent
"TERM site:FOO" in the google search box.

Indexing speed seems to be less and less of an issue these days --
google seems to pick up stuff _really_ fast lately (I don't know how
they do this, but posts I make to mailing lists usually show up in
google searches the same day).

[As for privacy concerns...  on a publicly-accessible site?  wtf?]


`The suburb is an obsolete and contradictory form of human settlement'