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>  > To avoid getting those pages indexed by google, there is a .htaccess
>  > login, so login as "lua" with password "wiki".
>  Alternatively, one could use 'noindex':

Well, of course I know about noindex, and Sputnik sets it by default
on history pages, etc.  However, as with robots.txt, Google honors
noindex strictly when it feels like it. Some of the other search
engines are even worse.  Noindex is a good way to tell Google what
pages you feel should not be indexed.  What they do with this advice
is 100% up to them.  Setting noindex or robots.txt is like putting a
note on your door, saying: "Please consider not entering this house,
or, if you do at least not taking the stuff that I keep in the tin can
under the bed."  It's definitely no replacement for putting a lock.

  - yuri