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(The semantics is that __ipairs, if present, is called and its
result is the final result of ipairs. So __ipairs is not called on
each iteraction; it is called before the loop to return an iteraction

Supposedly this means the pairs/ipairs calls are still used?
	for i in pairs(blah) do ...
	for i in ipairs(blah) do ...

Or might the goal be to get rid of them, once __pairs and __ipairs are added?
	for i in blah do ...
(seems more intuitive to me, i.e. blah responds to an iteration protocol, being "__pairs")

Not sure about implicit ipairs though - perhaps with a new notation?
	for i in *blah do ...
Hmm, I don't quite grasp the role of ipairs, when there is also
	for i=1,#blah do ...

(and I still think "for i=f() do ..." could be a useful way to supply non-standard bounds)