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Jérôme Vuarand wrote:
2008/2/19, Roberto Ierusalimschy <>:
Roberto, is there any description of upcoming changes in Lua 5.2?
 There is no "official" roadmap :) The following is a list of what we
 have been doing.

 We have already implemented several small changes:


 - "metamethods" __pairs & __ipairs

Why is the new ipairs using an __ipairs metamethod rather than the
existing __index ?

First, I think that the above would be a very welcomed addition to Lua.
Second, in my opinion, __index and __ipairs (whatever the final semantics may be) are not comparable. __index is triggered on access to non-existent keys and __ipairs would be used to redefine the way an array-like table is iterated, right?

Also, using the same metamethod for both cases will make it hard to distinguish when you're indexing a table and when you're going to iterate it.

Ignacio Burgueño