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>  Wouldn't be easier to directly import the markup data ? It could be
>  either converted to the wiki markup format, or simply used as is (iirc
>  Sputnik support custom markup processors).

Yes, I think so too.  In fact, for LuaRocks wiki Hisham wrote a markup
plugin that supports Wikipedia-like formatting and  I believe this is
nearly identical to what Lua-Users wiki uses.  I'll test it over the
weekend and see how well this works.  Hisham's plugin assumes [[...]]
notation for wikilinks, but it should be easy to add support for
CamelNotation too.

>  BTW if someone can setup a Sputnik somewhere, I volunteer to write the
>  Sputnik template to match the current wiki look and feel, I need
>  training for my own website :-)

If you think that's desirable...

Can you write one using your own machine and email it to me - I will
add it as an option when setting up the demo.  BTW, there is a new
install script as of yesterday, so the installation with Xavante
should be a lot simpler:

    mkdir ~/sputnik  # or any other directory that you have write access to
    cd ~/sputnik
    cd bin
    ./lua5.1 xavante_start

Then look for sputnik at http://localhost:8080/sputnik.lua  (For CGI
installation see

  - yuri