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On Feb 15, 2008, at 2:07 PM, Thiago Bastos wrote:

1) Would this change receive approval from the community and from John
Belmonte (domain owner)?

Ask John directly :)

2) Would the new wiki receive support from the community and the wiki author
(e.g. Yuri, in case sputnik is used)?

I would presume that whatever Lua implementation the community settles on, it will receive the full support of its author(s).

3) Can we get a server running Kepler, either at PepperFish (current hoster)
or another place?

Apparently, Matthew M. Burke just offered to "host one (or a couple) of pilot lua wikis" :))

Why don't we just do exactly that: setup a couple of pilot lua wikis populated with the current content and see if they get any traction.

There are around 649 pages presently (not including revisions):

wget --mirror --html-extension --convert-links -np