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I would like to be able to process lots of small mathematical objects (vector3 and quaternions) in a resource constrained environment (computer game), without having to pay the cost of new-ing and garbage collecting them. I.e. I would just like to reuse a pool of existing objects.

Did you meet performance problems or are you just anticipating them?

I am seeing performance issues.

Since I am on a memory constrained platform I have to sweep aggressively to keep the memory use down. The more garbage that is created per frame, the more time I have to spend sweeping each frame to keep up.

Currently I have about 1000 lua allocations per frame and garbage collection times in the range of 1.7 - 2.7 ms, depending on where I am in the scene. That is 10 - 16 % of a 60 Hz frame rate. It is not a complete show stopper, but I'd rather be doing something more interesting with those 10 - 16 % than garbage collection.

This means that I have to create less garbage. And the primary cause of garbage are the mathematical computations on vector3s.

// Niklas