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In my opinion, the best solution is to only export the luaopen_* function from the .so or .dll file for a Lua C module. All other shared symbols should be in a plain C library or multiple C libraries, and all modules which require those symbols should link against said library or libraries.

In your case, the symbols from the matrix module which are used by the image module would be moved to a shared library, which I'll call "mymatrix" for the sake of this explanation. On OS X and other Unix-like systems, you'd have a .so file called, which would be installed in the standard location for shared libraries or some other directory on the dynamic linker's search path, and both the image and matrix Lua C modules would link against (I maintain that even on ELF-based systems, shared libraries should always link against their dependencies instead of assuming that the executable will load them.) On Windows, the shared symbols would be located in a DLL called mymatrix.dll, which would be located somewhere in the user's PATH or in the same directory as the EXE, and the image and matrix Lua C modules would link against this DLL.

I think this approach is the most portable and reliable. (I mention portability because what you're currently trying to do assumes that the process has a global symbol table, which isn't the case on Windows.)