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Hi list,
I'm having some seriously mind numbing problems with shared symbols
between 2 modules.  I have an that requires symbols in  I'm properly loading before so the
symbols are loaded into the process.  I have some of the dyld
environment variables set that show me the status on what has been
bound etc.  What's tripping me up is some apple nonsense (at least
perceived nonsense for my part) regarding $non_lazy_pointer.  I've
searched the interwebs and > 75% of the threads on this issue consist
of a single email asking a question with no answer.  Does anyone know
what this $non_lazy_pointer thing is?  Here's some dyld output

dyld: bind:$non_lazy_ptr =, *0x17b80149 = 0x17b7f008

error loading file
/Users/whsmith/Documents/luaAV/trunk/test/image.test.lua error loading
module 'image.image' from file
       Symbol not found: __ZN12Matrix_udata4nameE
 Referenced from:
 Expected in: dynamic lookup

Any help appreciated regarding lazy symbol binding between 2 compiled
lua modules.  I'm at wits end.