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>  I remember reading that... for me the relevant line was "the current
>  wiki is quite functional." Why fix what ain't broke? Is there an
>  important feature missing from the current wiki? (honest question)

I am obviously a biased party here, but there is something to be said
about eating your own dog food.  The current wiki suggests that the
Lua community itself doesn't see Lua as a practical option for web
development.  Basically, it tells a potential Lua user: use Lua for
the games and embedded systems, but stick with good old perl (or
Python, or PHP) for web.

The Kepler team has put much into making Lua a realistic option for
web development.  So has PA and Daniel Silverstone.    If the Lua
community is convinced (which perhaps it isn't yet) that Lua can be a
practical language for web, then using a wiki written in Lua would be
a good way of communicating this confidence to the larger world.  If
this helps people see Lua as a realistic option, then perhaps a year
from now someone looking for a wiki in Lua will be choosing from
twenty options rather than from three.

I don't think it's right to ask what feature are missing from the
current wiki, since this depends much on what features are expected of
wikis those days.  I think it is better to ask what features the Lua
community would want to add to the wiki if such features could be
added in an easy way, by writing code in Lua.  This might well include
features that nobody has thought of before.

  - yuri