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"Roger D. Vargas" <> writes:
> Because the SWIG docs say so. The C++ wrapper code generated by SWIG
> should have such function, and also have found that it can be named
> luaopen_ClassA(). But none of both works.

For my file "foo.i", swig generates "luaopen_foo".  I think swig gets
the name "foo" from the %module commnad in the .i file; do you have a
line like "%module ClassA" in your .i file?

Anyway, since swig generate C code, you can easily look at it and see
what it's doing.  In my version of swig, it outputs some lines like:

   #define SWIG_name      "foo"
   #define SWIG_init      luaopen_foo
   #define SWIG_init_user luaopen_foo_user

... and then later in that file defines:

   #ifdef __cplusplus
   extern "C" {
   SWIGEXPORT int SWIG_init(lua_State* L)

with the reuslt of defining an exported function called "luaopen_foo".


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