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On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 2:56 PM, Brandon Van Every <> wrote:
>  If Squirrel ain't it, then nothing is.  I'm about ready to start
>  writing my own language, having been through Python, OCaml, Bigloo
>  Scheme, and Chicken Scheme on this performance quest.  But I'll
>  squeeze out the due diligence to see if Lua or Squirrel has the low
>  level math performance.  Thanks for reminding me why I was on this
>  quest in the 1st place.

Actually I have 3 potential interests in Lua:
- Lua for low level 3d graphics math
- Lua for CMake builds
- Lua for making money in the game industry

Of these, I've analyzed the case for migrating CMake to Lua the most
thoroughly.  Squirrel is irrelevant to CMake, and I think it's too
early for it to be worth any money in the game industry.

Brandon Van Every