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On Feb 13, 2008 4:32 AM, Ivan-Assen Ivanov <> wrote:
> In brief: don't worry.
> In more words: we are using heavily Lua in games. We do C-to-Lua
> calls on each frame to render our UI (which is almost entirely in
> Lua), and on each user input message (mouse move, key press,
> controller action etc.).

Yup. World of Warcraft renders it's entire UI in Lua, making hundreds of Lua-to-C calls per frame while rendering a multiplayer 3D environment. One tiny part of that is built-in chat, both text and voice.

An IRC client is just text, right? It's going to spend 99% of it's time idle, waiting for input (via keyboard or network). As as been said, you could write the whole thing in Lua.