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On 2/12/08, Ben <> wrote:
> A good friend of mine is quite the advocate of D, and several people I
> know tinker with it and like it.
> I like it in the fact that it is a better C++ than C++, has a very
> sane typing system, and has in-language support for associative
> arrays.

i too liked D when i first saw it (a couple of years ago).  a good
point certainly is the associative arrays as a built-in type.

but i didn't need "a better C++ than C++", i wanted "a better C than
C++".  of course, "a better C than C" would be even better but it's
far more difficult.

especifically, i wanted to be able to use any C library (like Lua)
seamlessly from D. but i couldn't find any information about the
memory layout of it's objects.

that was especially dissapointing because i read somewhere that you
could pass a D array to any C function that expects a C array... but
it wasn't documented if there was a runtime conversion, or simply
passed the inner data pointers, or what....

in the end, i found myself writing binding layers... for that, it's
far better work in C/Lua