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On Monday 11 February 2008, Peter Odding wrote:
> Should the Lua API be extended to (transparently) treat callable objects
> as functions in the appropriate contexts?

ultimately, that could end in deprecating the value type concept in favor of 

i mean, a table wouldn't be any different from a function, or a number... just 
that if you use {}, an 'indexable' object is created; if you type 143, you 
get an 'arithmeticable' object.  and function(...)...end returns a 'callable' 
object.  but if you want, you could create an indexable + arithmeticable 
object, or a callable 'number', or whatever you could conceive.

instead of the type() function, we would have several tests, 'callable(v)' 
would return true if v() is valid, no matter how it was created.

does it make any sense? i really wonder...


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