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Hello there,

I've been playing around with the Lua debugging interface, and it seems quite powerful. 
However, I have stumbled upon something which seems very odd to me and might be a bug.

First, have a look at the test script. I have tried to reduce it to be as short as possible while 
still illustrating the problem. It's online at:

When running this, following output results:

C@trace.lua(40): test
    C@trace.lua(36): WrapFunc
        C@trace.lua(29): WrapFuncInner
    R@trace.lua(40): test

As you can see, the WrapFunc function never gets its return event reported to the debugging 
hook (and hence the indentation becomes imbalanced). If I instead call WrapFuncInner 
directly, this does not happen.

This is Lua 5.1.3 on Windows.

So, am I Doing Something Wrong or is this a bug?