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Once again sitting at my drab desk -- after a nice, long trek across
south-east Asian rice paddies and amazing temple landscapes (and night
markets) -- I am nevertheless happy to announce the first beta release
of Idle.

Actually, this is RC1. If no major hiccups surface, I will release the
beta in about a weeks' time.

Changes for this version are restricted to the runtime library (i.e. no
fiddling with the language). They include:

+ a set of console I/O functions, including scrolling the screen buffer
  and full raw keyboard input
+ functions to send keypresses to other applications and to manipulate
+ functions to support the Win32 file change notification API
+ a global variable printf which is by default initialised with
  util.printf(). This shorthand allows the easy redirection of all
  formatted output (e.g. by setting printf to win32.printf()).
+ the Idle runtime DLL is now called 'idle02.dll' with the two digits
  being the runtime version (currently 0.2). This version number (and
  hence the name) will only change if I have to introduce changes which
  are not backward compatible.
- a small, but not-backward-compatible change to util.unpack() concerns
  the unpacking of zero-terminated ASCII strings
- for reasons of consistency the functions os.spawn(), os.wait() and
  os.kill() have been renamed to os.spawnProcess( ), os.waitProcess()
  and os.killProcess()
- updated several core modules and libraries to current releases (among
  them Lua 5.1.3, LuaJIT 1.1.4 and PCRE 7.6)

I have also removed the time limits that were present in the earlier
alpha builds: the beta version (and all future versions) will run
without such restrictions.

This version is available for systems running Windows 2000 and later.
For details, documentation and downloads see

cheers  thomasl