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On Feb 9, 2008 4:07 AM, Wesley Smith <> wrote:
>  > I take your point about NIH (one of my new year resolutions is not to
> > > reinvent wheels unnecessarily) but there is a serious purpose in
> > > experimentation - it's called 'research'.
> >
> > Real researchers study prior art and justify why they're doing better
> > than it.  They don't just hack because it's there and it's fun.
> >
> I do.  Nothing like kicking some tires to see how it really runs.

So what does that mean for a build system?  Do you just start writing
one in Lua, or do you actually try writing non-trivial stuff in other
build systems first?  Do you actually read and ask questions about
other people's case uses?  Try to learn from others instead of just
doing it all yourself?

Brandon Van Every