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I've never used LuaSoap, but in our lab we came across some issues
regarding the SOAP binding models (RPC/encoded, Document/Literal...)
when putting .NET and Java implementations to work together---the
biggest of them being just the use of arrays. Perhaps you should try
to find whether there is a mismatch between the binding models adopted
in LuaSoap and the NOAAA weather service.
For further info about such binding models, I recommend the following link:

Antonio Tadeu.Azevedo Gomes, DSc.

On 07/02/2008, Isaac Guenard <> wrote:
> Hello
> Hoping someone here can help me with a question about using LuaSoap -
> I also emailed but I understand the LuaSoap
> part of that project may not be maintained any longer.
> I am trying to use LuaSoap with the NOAAA weather service (described
> at, and I am running into some trouble
> with declaring an array of booleans.
> I grabbed LuaSoap from the CVS at LuaForge, and created a test
> application which is successfully connecting and retrieving data.
> Unfortunately, one required parameter is an array. The tests that come
> with LuaSoap show a simple array of numbers, and I tried to use that
> as a model, but I don't seem to be able to generate a valid result.
> The specific tag I am referring to is called WeatherParameters, and it
> is described in the WDSL at
> params = {
>         tag = "weatherParameters",
>         attr = {
>                 ["xmlns:SOAP-ENC"] = "";,
>                 ["SOAP-ENC:arrayType"] = "xsd:boolean[5]",
>         },
>         {tag = "maxt", true },
>         {tag = "mint", false },
>         {tag = "temp", false },
>         {tag = "dew", false },
>         {tag = "appt", false },
> }
> (I have a much longer version which uses all 51 of the valid
> parameters, this has been truncated for brevity)
> While the SOAP call does not fail, the results returned are not
> filtered they way I have observed in the example clients provided by
> the NOAAA. I am almost a total XML beginner, so this is all feeling a
> bit alien to me at the moment.
> Any help at all would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Isaac

Antonio Tadeu Azevedo Gomes, DSc.