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Hoping someone here can help me with a question about using LuaSoap -
I also emailed but I understand the LuaSoap
part of that project may not be maintained any longer.

I am trying to use LuaSoap with the NOAAA weather service (described
at, and I am running into some trouble
with declaring an array of booleans.

I grabbed LuaSoap from the CVS at LuaForge, and created a test
application which is successfully connecting and retrieving data.
Unfortunately, one required parameter is an array. The tests that come
with LuaSoap show a simple array of numbers, and I tried to use that
as a model, but I don't seem to be able to generate a valid result.

The specific tag I am referring to is called WeatherParameters, and it
is described in the WDSL at

params = {
	tag = "weatherParameters",
	attr = {
		["xmlns:SOAP-ENC"] = "";,
		["SOAP-ENC:arrayType"] = "xsd:boolean[5]",
	{tag = "maxt", true },
	{tag = "mint", false },
	{tag = "temp", false },
	{tag = "dew", false },
	{tag = "appt", false },

(I have a much longer version which uses all 51 of the valid
parameters, this has been truncated for brevity)

While the SOAP call does not fail, the results returned are not
filtered they way I have observed in the example clients provided by
the NOAAA. I am almost a total XML beginner, so this is all feeling a
bit alien to me at the moment.

Any help at all would be appreciated.